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Our VCIO works with you in planning your technology needs now and for the future. They provide guidance in discussions with your line of business systems or other external technology vendors as well as spearheading quarterly technology business reviews to keep your users and systems in check. Get back to working on your business, and leave the ever changing technology landscape to your VCIO backed by our business team and security council.

As your virtual CIO, we provide expert support from consulting, strategy, designing IT plans for growing businesses to direction and guidance when implementing new or migrating technologies when you need it.

Proactive Security

Don’t plan on what you “think.” Start with a security health check of the physical or cloud infrastructure of your business. We identify possible breaches or vulnerable entry points. Then we create a framework for a secure environment for each system user.

Oasys Tech Cybersecurity

Wealth of Knowledge

While technology can reduce the risk of a cyber-event, technology alone does not make a successful business. Our VCIO is supported by both our business team and our security council. We bridge the gap between daily business functionality and its supporting technologies.

Our business team brings a combined 150 years of executive leadership, management, operations, finance, sales and administration experience.

Each member of our security council brings highly specialized expertise to technology and cybersecurity environments for a diverse range of businesses and organizations.

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