Evolution of dispersed teams

System and security threats are always evolving. Save time and money by working with a partner providing a specialized team of technicians to support, monitor, address and maintain your connected network.

Our remote work package offers a customizable solution to securing the evolving dispersed workforce by providing business grade hardware, software, and expert technology support to your employees, wherever they might be.

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The Remote Package

Oasys Tech Remote Workers Roadmap

Remote Roadmap

Each business client has an IT roadmap­­—an environment established within the business’s physical environment. We must duplicate that infrastructure within the remote office; each remote office is customized to match their company’s environment, security measures, corporate communication goals and budgetary constraints. Educating business units and end users can help safeguard your infrastructure against the ever-changing threat.

Oasys Tech Remote Workers Roadblocks

Remote Roadblocks

One of a your most vulnerable points is a remote worker using an insecure connection to your secure network.

Consumer grade technologies typically don’t have or require business level security features. The moment they plug into you’re your connected network, your data, your systems, your business are all at risk.

  • Insufficient system requirements.
  • HPPA Compliance infractions
  • Ransomware / Hackers
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Business Delays.

The bottom line­—it’s bad for businesses.

Customized security measures that match or exceed your previous in-office environment can save time, money and possibly your business.

Oasys Tech Remote Workers Realities

Remote Realities

Network Security
When a user plugs in a personal device, you can’t be sure what is contained on the hard drive or whether a virus or malware has been introduced.

Document Disposal & Storage
Printing from home can be a vector for data breaches that can lead to legal, financial, and reputational risk.

Cost Containment
The cost of ink and toner for your standard in-home inkjet printers is much more expensive than that of your standard in-office laser printers, making it difficult to budget or control the costs of printing.

Team of support

Just like your business, one person can’t do-it-all, nor can they be in more than one place at time. Our technologiest can monitor your dispersed teams remotely as well as provide on-site installation or support to keep your business running smoothly regardless of where you are. With remote monitoring we can address potential issues before they become active problems.

Wyatt Pavlik, IT Systems Technician

Wyatt Pavlik

IT Systems Technician
Todd Aylard, IT Help Desk Technician

Todd Aylard

IT Help Desk Technician
Aaron Jonasson, IT Systems Technician

Aaron Jonasson

IT Systems Technician
Seth Rice, IT Systems Technician

Seth Rice

IT Systems Technician

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