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“Who would want my data?” Likely no one more than you. Ransomware attacks can be debilitating and costly to businesses of all sizes. Attacks have increased substanially in the last year. Our cybersecurity team works with you to implement measures to lock-down your data, monitor your network and educate users on recognizing and preventing intrusions.

In our connected world, we, now more than ever need to prepare and protect our information. No matter the size, type or scale of your business, any loss or limit to access your data could cost you both time and money. While these hackers might not be interested in the contents of your information, they are interested in what it’s worth for you to get that information back. On average, in 2020, ransomware attacks went from costing businesses $10,000 per occurrence to over $175,000 per occurrence.

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If you work with private health information, user data or process payments, your business is required to comply with specific regulations and take additional steps to secure this data. Our technology experts bring a wealth of compliance expertise to help your organization through evolving HIPAA and PCI compliance standards.

Oasys Tech HIPAA & PCI Compliance

Proactive Protection

Whether you are in an office environment or working remotely, your system may have weak points that can expose you to hackers, data miners or even ransomware predators. Diagnostics and tracking can help close the risk gaps in your working environments. Active remote monitoring for your dispersed workforce can eliminate risks before they become reality— preventing a panicked or reactive response.

Oasys Tech Security Setup

Security Setup

We look for vulnerabilities and gather data points to understand, then address and secure your business system with:

  1. Proper Hardware
  2. Monitored and updated protocols
  3. Network configuration settings
  4. Securing open ports for typical intrusion locations, printers, scanners or other communication tools
  5. Confirming and maintaining compliance requirements or initiatives
  6. Evaluate and educate users to potential threats
Oasys Tech Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Before you begin planning or changing your network security or technologies, performing a security assessment is a thorough evaluation of your existing infratruction which is the foundation for planning and implementing an effective and secure network and user group.

Oasys Tech Security Snapshot

Security Snapshot

Your security assessment snapshot is your baseline for building a cost effective technology plan. Performing annual or semi-annual assessments can address your evolving work environments and ever-changing threat landscape. Our VCIO performs assessments throughout our partnership and makes technology recommendations and adjustments tailored to your busienss needs.

Team of support

System and security threats are always evolving. Save time and money by working with a VCIO and specialized team of technicians to support, monitor, address, and maintain your connected network. There is NO cookie cutter approach, we customize every solution to fit the needs of our partners.

Wyatt Pavlik, IT Systems Technician

Wyatt Pavlik

IT Systems Technician
Todd Aylard, IT Help Desk Technician

Todd Aylard

IT Help Desk Technician
Aaron Jonasson, IT Systems Technician

Aaron Jonasson

IT Systems Technician
Seth Rice, IT Systems Technician

Seth Rice

IT Systems Technician

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