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Today, I’ll show you just how easy it is to change the staples in your machine.

Anytime you’re running low on staples the main screen gives you an indication and instructions, guiding you through the process of replacing your stapler cartridge.

Open the forward access panel on your finishing unit.

Locate and rotate the green knob to bring the stapling unit to the front of the machine.

Pull on the blue lever to release the cartridge from the machine.

Then, remove the clear cartridge from its holder by pulling the heel up and sliding the holder forward.

Lift up on the staple crimper at the front of the holder and make sure to clear and discard any remaining unused sheets.

Lock down the staple crimper before placing the new cartridge toe first into the holder and snap it into place.

Lock it back in place and close the access panel door.

Allow the machine to automatically reset the position of the stapler unit before using the machine.

If you have a service contract with Oasys, you can order supplies through our online supply request form or by calling our customer support line.

We hope this made it, simple and easy.

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