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How to Register Email Addresses


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Today, we’re gonna show you how to add emails to the address book on your machine using the web interface.

The first step is to get your IP address from the machine. From the main menu, select the utility button, select device information, and there you will see your IP address.

Type the IP address into your internet browser. You can see here that this is the machine you are logged into. On the left side menu, select store address.

Select address book. It will default to email address.

Select new registration.

Enter in the name.

For index, we will choose JKL for Joe.

This box here is if you would like the name displayed on the main page as a favorite, rather than searching through the index.

Type in the email address, then select OK.

This is asking you if you’d like to return to the main menu or continue registration and add in another email.

Using the web interface saves valuable time when you need to register multiple contacts.

We hope this has made it simple and easy.