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How to Clear a Paper Jam


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Sometimes paper gets jammed it happens, but today I’m going to show you a quick and simple way to locate and remove a jam. When navigating any miss feed or paper jam.

The process is simple because the machine will alert you of the issue.

On any Konica Minolta the main screen will highlight the areas on your device that may be the cause of the error. Follow the prompts to locate and remove the paper.

We still like to follow the path of the paper through your machine to solve the problem. Starting at the paper tray which can be accessed from the lower front side of your machine
Pull the drawer open and make sure your paper is properly set in place. The paper
then travels up the right side of the machine. This area can be accessed by opening the panel on the side of your machine if you’ve spotted the jam you can use any of the green knobs, levers or flaps to release the paper.

The paper then travels from right to left across the top of the machine. Use the hatch
below the scanner bed to access this point. If the paper has made it into the finisher attached to the left side of your device; it can be accessed through a front-facing or topside access panel. Again, look for the bits of paper and use the green rollers to release the jam.

Paper jams can also occur when the original is fed incorrectly through your document feeder. To check that, open the cover on the top left of the document feeder or access the underside of the scanner unit.

Pull the green levers to release and clear the jam and just to remind you the main screen is a great source of information for locating the problem.

When in doubt follow the path of the paper. If you continue to have issues use the phone number located on the equipment ID on the front of your machine to contact our customer support line.

We hope this made it and easy.