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How to Change the Toner


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Today I’m gonna show you just how easy it is to change your toner. All Konica Minolta devices use internal sensors to gauge your machines resources, to keep it running smoothly.

The main screen on the machine will alert you when the toner is beginning to run low. This is a great time to confirm that you have a spare toner nearby or place an order for new
toner. Make the most of your toner and continue to use the existing cartridge until the machine indicates that the toner is empty. Don’t waste money or materials by changing out your toner too soon.

To change your toner cartridge, follow the directions on the outside of the box. Access the toner cartridges through the main door on the front of the machine. Some models require using side access panels.

Unlock the empty cartridge tube and remove it from the machine. Be sure to take off any tape or seals before loading the new cartridge into the machine.

Lock it back in place and close the access panel door. Your machine should now recognize the new toner and it may take a few moments to recalibrate the system.

If you continue to have issues please call the phone number located on the Oasys sticker, on the front of your machine.

We hope this has made it simple and easy.