Pursuit of Excellence



Each team member is committed to working with you.

We take pride in providing your organization with highly experienced, trained, and empowered business management professionals.

Troy Wright, Chief Executive Officer, President

Troy Wright

Chief Executive Officer, President
Angie Wright, Chief Administrative Officer, Vice-President

Angie Wright

Chief Administrative Officer, Vice-President
Rob Takemura, Chief Operating Officer

Rob Takemura

Chief Operating Officer
Micah Bobbink, Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Director of Creative and Video Services

Micah Bobbink

Chief Strategy Officer, Managing Director of Creative and Video Services
Craig Volkman, Account Manager

Craig Volkman

Account Manager
Jeff Hill, Account Manager

Jeff Hill

Account Manager
Jeremiah Knutson, Account Manager

Jeremiah Knutson

Account Manager
Tracy Atwood, IT Technician Tier III, Lead

Tracy Atwood

IT Technician Tier III, Lead
Joel Erickson, IT Technician Tier III

Joel Erickson

IT Technician Tier III
Eli Godbolt, IT Technician Tier II

Eli Godbolt

IT Technician Tier II
Colby Henderson, IT Technician Tier II

Colby Henderson

IT Technician Tier II
Josh Singh, IT Technician Tier II

Josh Singh

IT Technician Tier II
Casey Dryer, Helpdesk Lead

Casey Dryer

Helpdesk Lead
Cleveland Harris II, IT Technician Tier I

Cleveland Harris II

IT Technician Tier I
Brent Allison, Imaging Technician

Brent Allison

Imaging Technician
Mike Tyrone, Imaging Technician

Mike Tyrone

Imaging Technician
Brad Jackson, Imaging Technician

Brad Jackson

Imaging Technician
Chris Chapman, Connectivity Specialist

Chris Chapman

Connectivity Specialist
Andrew Gadsden, Inventory Controller

Andrew Gadsden

Inventory Controller
Jordon DeZarn, Shipping/Receiving

Jordon DeZarn

Lisa Zuest, Accounting Manager

Lisa Zuest

Accounting Manager
Kelsey Koenig, Sales Administrator

Kelsey Koenig

Sales Administrator
Kim Menne, HR Coordinator

Kim Menne

HR Coordinator
Michelle Linak, Administrative Assistant

Michelle Linak

Administrative Assistant
Suzie Farrar, Accounts Receivable/Payable

Suzie Farrar

Accounts Receivable/Payable
Crystal Burress, Administrative Assistant

Crystal Burress

Administrative Assistant